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Floor Sanding and Polishing – Why Hire a Professional?

If you’re considering getting your wooden floors sanded and polished, there are several factors to consider. The first is reputation. A company that provides A-grade service will never have a bad reputation in the industry, so that you can trust its reputation. In addition, reputation tells you whether a floor sanding and polishing service is worth hiring. A good way to learn more about reputation is to list a few floor sanding and polishing services in your area and research them. Then, after eliminating any bad companies, you can look for other factors.

floor sanding and polishing AdelaideBefore floor sanding and polishing Adelaide, remove any carpet and furniture from the room. If the floor is made of wood, you can use a putty knife to remove any loose boards. Make sure you secure loose floorboards with finishing nails. A vacuum will also remove dust from the floor. If you live in an apartment or house, seal off doors and windows from the sanding process to avoid dust from reaching ductwork and other areas.

To avoid creating too much dust:

  1. Make sure the room is properly lit—close windows and doors to minimise air movement.
  2. Remove any carpets and old carpet tacks from the floor, if possible.
  3. Sweep and dust mop the floor to remove debris and dust, and make sure that any cracks or gaps are fixed or covered before sanding.

It can lead to uneven floors that won’t look as good as you’d hoped.

If you renovating your flooring, you should know that floor sanding and polishing important processes. These tasks involve three different stages. The first stage is pre-sanding, where you check the floorboards for any loose nails. It would be best if you also filled any gaps using resin or sawdust. After pre-sanding, you should apply the finishing coat. Afterwards, the final step is polishing the floors.

When hiring a floor sanding and polishing Adelaide contractor, you can expect a three or four-step routine to make your floors look beautiful and shiny again. The equipment you need includes drum sanders, edge sanders, and polishing solutions from most hardware stores and paint suppliers. It is an expensive project, so hiring a professional is best.

Wood floor polish should be applied in thin layers. It allows for better control—thin layers of polish dry faster than thick ones. It would be best to use felt furniture pads to protect the wood floor. A good contractor will give you a free estimate and some advice. If you’re unsure if floor sanding and polishing are right for your needs, get a free quote from a flooring contractor.

Before sanding your hardwood floors, ensure you’ve covered them and taped all openings before beginning the process. It will avoid any accidents that might happen when sanding. Sanding is a messy process, and you may find yourself with a much larger clean-up job once the project is over. You can start with coarse sanding paper if you have an old floor. For newer floors, you can use medium sandpaper. Remember to follow the wood grain to avoid sanding the entire floor when sanding.

There are various types of machines available for floor sanding and polishing. Among them are drum sanders, belt sanders, and rotary machines. Rotary machines usually have one spinning disc, while hand-held random orbital sanders are useful for blending in difficult areas. When unsure which machine to use, buy a floor sanding machine with multiple heads.

Floor sanding and polishing involve three main steps:

  1. It would be best if you chose a sander. You can rent one or buy one from an equipment rental shop.
  2. You need to buy a belt and a set of grits. You can buy a coarser grit if you’re removing a thicker finish.
  3. It would be best to be careful not to sand the centre of the floor as it will result in swirl traces and depressions in the wood.

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