Poets explore across the world: JanTerm classes take students abroad

Emily Le


Ryan Inouye


As JanTerm is in full swing, many students are taking part in the classes that Whittier College offers ­— Ceramics, Landscape Drawing and Play writing ­— others have become more adventurous and have decided to travel abroad.   These faculty led courses cover a broad range of subjects and spanning across multiple continents. For many students, the JanTerm study abroad program allows Whittier College students to experience the fun of studying internationally without the stress of being away for an entire semester. Some of the options this year included courses in Ireland, Hong Kong & China, and Tanzania.

“For my JanTerm course, I have chosen to go to Holland with Dr. Duran and Dr. Fissore,” senior Claire Ishayki said. “This course is a combination of business and environmental science. I have chosen to go to Holland because as an international business major this was an opportunity to visit Amsterdam and Rotterdam as well as learn about international business and sustainability of those corporations we as a class visited on this trip such as Enviu, Siemiens, Aergon and a couple others. I have a better understanding of sustainability within the business world and how companies need to become more sustainable for our future. Other than the school part of this trip, I am enjoying the wonderful city of Rotterdam and Amsterdam as well as enjoying the wonderful snow.”

Sophomore Ian Rao, whom is taking the Ancient Ireland course in Ireland taught by Professor O’Foghludha opened up about how his experience has been so far in his JanTerm study abroad class.

“I picked it because I like history and I wanted to go abroad, but I wasn’t prepared to go abroad for an entire semester,” Rao said. “The best part about this trip has been the ancient ruins and the pubs. My worst experience is blowing a 0.440 one night, though it was still fun. My favorite day trip has been the National Museum of Ireland. I would definitely recommend the JanTerm study abroad program to others.”

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