New recording studio sure to please music majors

Rebecca Baker


Leandro fefer/Quaker Campus Music Department Assistant Russ Litchfield gestures towards the future home of Whittier College’s new recording studio at Peasley Music Building.

Leandro fefer/Quaker Campus
Music Department Assistant Russ Litchfield gestures towards the future home of Whittier College’s new recording studio at Peasley Music Building.Le

The normally silent halls of the Peasley Center are alive with the sound of hammering. But music majors and minors aren’t fretting; the sound is just a happy reminder of the construction of the first floor’s new recording studio.

But the noisy days are numbered. The first-floor, large practice rooms will be transformed into the new studio. Due for completion by early October, the studio will be completely sound-proof, and will feature three unique spaces. First is the main studio, which will house a new, beautiful Steinway piano donated by a friend of the college. It will be large enough to house even a complete drum set. To the left will be a vocal studio, and the front, an impressive tech panel. The studio will run on Logic, the Apple recording software, but as time goes on, the studio will be ready to adapt to whatever its students need. But what about students outside of the department? “Those enrolled in our three music technology classes will have use of the studio,” Dr. Stephen Cook, Associate Professor & Chair of the Music Department of Whittier College said. “As well as outside professionals who can rent the space and bring in an income for department.”

Dr. Cook describes the hardships his department has faced when trying to meet the demand for music production training. “Our teaching was conceptual, not praxis,” Cook said. “The amount of students pursuing music production increased, and we lacked the facilities to offer training.”And any type of recording attempted before the recording studio has been nearly impossible. Music students are all too aware of the noisiness of the building, especially with its proximity to Broadoaks.

“This is a lean, mean studio,” Dr. Cook said proudly. Along with other building improvements, including air-conditioning and an upgraded electrical system, Dr. Cook and Professor Danilo Lozano, the entire Music Department and its students are grateful for the generosity of a variety of donors. Three major donors contributed to the project, but wished to be named and recognized at its opening. But the state-of-the-art studio could not have come to fruition without the partnership between the Office of Advancement and the Music Department.

“This has been a three year long project,” Dr. Cook said. “Elizabeth Robinson and Steve Delgado of the Office of Advancement have been fantastic. They’ve been behind the project from its beginning.” The music students are delighted at the opportunity for a hands-on experience. “This improves the projects that music majors can do,” said senior Jillian Ralls. “Sadly, I won’t be able to use it but I can probably come back after I graduate and use it.”

“The addition of the new music studio will give us the appropriate technical experience and preparation for work in the music industry,” sophomore Hannah Johnson, a Music and Business double major said. “I am so excited to get started!”

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