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Electrodry Dry Carpet Cleaning

Electrodry is the latest in carpet cleaning technology and is an excellent choice for dry carpet cleaning Adelaide. This process is renowned for its remarkable results and is ideal for removing tough stains from carpets and leaving them to walk on dry. Its unique formula removes more colours than any other cleaning method, leaving them walk-on-dry. Using electrodry is the best way to clean your carpet; as it goes, it is 100% walk-on-dry.


Electrodry Professional Carpet Cleaning also offers carpet drying Adelaide services in an eco-friendly solution called The Natural. This product is a powerful antibacterial and anti-microbial agent that can last up to 4 months. It is applied by a trained technician who will use a specialised solution and is prepared to know exactly how much to apply to ensure maximum effectiveness. From April 2020, Electrodry will offer this service as standard with their Adelaide carpet cleaning Adelaide.


The low-moisture method is excellent for removing dust but unsuitable for heavily soiled carpets. The full steam cleaner uses a rotary scrubber and shampoo to loosen the dirt from the fibres. Once the rug is cleaned, it is thoroughly dried almost instantly. This method is more environmentally friendly but requires more frequent professional cleaning. If you live in a home with children, it is essential to have a trained professional perform this service.


Apart from the cost, this cleaning method will also save you time. As the cleaners use the latest cleaning equipment, you won’t need to move large furniture. They will use a heavy-duty machine to clean your carpet, which is an expensive proposition. You can hire a professional to handle this task, but you should also be aware of hidden costs. Generally, a professional carpet cleaner will charge between $100 and $300 for a three-bedroom home.



Many carpet cleaning Adelaide professionals recommend using Teflon Treatment before the cleaning. This method creates a barrier between the liquid and the carpet’s fibres. It allows you a period of between fifteen and twenty minutes to blot up any spills. Unlike the regular shampooing method, it does not leave any residue, which is a big plus for those concerned about their family’s health. This method is the most cost-effective for heavily soiled and highly soiled areas.


Besides cleaning the carpets, you should also consider the odour-causing stains. Besides the common stains like blood and urine, odours caused by pets can cause a foul smell around the carpeted area. Moreover, you should make sure that the professional you hire will be able to remove all kinds of odours from your carpets and furniture, including pet stains. If you have a pet, you must also consider the cost of replacing the carpet pad. A specialist will provide this service for you.